Evo-Stik Strong Stuff Waterproof Adhesive

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Evo-Stik Strong Stuff Waterproof Adhesive will bond to wet surfaces inside or outside the home even underwater! It has a very low odour and is perfect for a range of DIY and repair jobs.



  • Any loose or weak layers and any contamination on the surface must be removed
  • Surfaces must be clean and preferably dry



  • Apply parallel beads of adhesive to one of the surfaces. Ensure that the adhesive is forced onto the surface to displace dampness
  • Bring the two surfaces together, quickly after application. Then press and twist to force the adhesive onto the other surface
  • 5mm diameter beads are generally sufficient. For close fitting surfaces these may be reduced to 3mm
  • The degree of separation of the beads of Evo-Stik Serious Stuff Wet Grab Adhesive will depend upon the rigidity and weight of the panel, board or sign being bonded. If beads are separated by more than 200mm a perimeter bead should be applied
  • For rigid sheets 100 - 150mm separation between beads is generally sufficient for high loading, but may be increased if the load is low (such a wallboards and foam polystyrene) where 200 - 500mm is acceptable
  • For less rigid boards the separation may need to be quite small and it is important to choose the correct bead size


    • Bonds to wet surfaces, even underwater
    • Sticks most materials
    • Suitable for interior and exterior use

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