3M Quick Wax

Dhs. 40
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  • 3M Quick Wax is a spray-on carnauba wax that gives your car a professionally waxed look
  • Can use it daily, weekly or monthly as per your requirement
  • Ideal in keeping the car looking as good as new
  • Give your car the rejuvenated look in the event it is hit by bird droppings, covered with dust and grime or exposed to elements that strip your car of its shiny look
  • Easy to use, you need to simply spray the wax on the affected part and wipe it dry to get that shiny and glossy look
  • Can use it on your car’s painted surface, wheels and tyres, glass and plastic too
  • Comes with Carnauba Wax that offers protection to your car
  • Specially designed trigger allows an easy-to-apply method
  • Can apply this wax on a wet or dry car too
  • Clear Coat Safe and No Build-Up Formula easily remove away the grime, dirt and other pollutants that steal your car’s glossy look
  • All this is done without a single scratch on your car's body and paint
  • High-gloss finish
  • 1 39034 Quick Wax at 473 ml

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