Mr.Mckenic Supreme Degreaser

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Mr McKenic® offers a comprehensive range of biodegradable aqueous degreasers tailored for a variety of applications – from heavy duty to light duty use. Each of the degreasers is specially formulated to effectively lift and remove oil, grease, grime, dirt and other stubborn stains from machinery, metal and industrial surfaces. Product is safe for use compared to other solvent degreasers in the market, it still offers strong degreasing and it is biodegradable as well. Our Product is Concentrated and with high dilution rate 1:6

  • Powerful Effective Degreasing for All Applications and Industries.
  • Water-based and Biodegradable.
  • Outperforms Most Conventional Petroleum Based Solvents.
  • Pleasant Fragrance.
  • High Dilution Ratios.
  • Fast Action.
  • Adapted for Most Surfaces.

Direction for use: 

NOTE: Before use on non-metal, painted or any other sensitive surfaces/equipment, always apply biodegradable degreaser on a piece of clean cloth and test on a small area first.

  1. Mr McKenic® Biodegradable Degreasers can be applied using spray, soak or mop methods.
  2. Using the Products Table, select a suitable Mr McKenic® Biodegradable degreaser for your application.
  3. Dilute Mr McKenic® Biodegradable Degreaser with water to the suggested dilution ratio in accordance to the intended use.
  4. Apply directly onto target areas. Agitate with a brush if necessary.
  5. For heavy soils, leave the degreaser to soak in for 10-15 mins to work on the stains. 6- Flush off completely with plenty of water until clean.
  6. Dry surface with a clean mop or cloth.
  7. Repeat application if necessary.

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