Beautystar Wax Heater WW-1019W

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Beautystar wax heater has aluminum container, transparent cover, easy to observe and suitable for personal, home and salon use. Automatic temperature control, keep wax at steady temperature between 58-60 Celsius

How to use: 

1) Before use , make sure the skin is absolutely clean 
2) Insert wax can to wax heater and turn it on
3) heat the wax for 20-30 mins, then begin to use
4) move the products to direction that the hair grows and cover the area of 15-18 square centimeters make sure suitable the temperature of wax treatment. If wax is too hot, wait for a while then begin the operation. Or place the wax to the hair removal paper to use
5)Use the paper band on the treatment area, use hand to press down the hair grows.
6)Tear off the hair removal paper to the reverse direction that the hair grows
7)After hair removal, use the clearnser for hair removal to clean.
8)After cleaning, use the moisture without fragrance to do massage clean

Hand care use:

1, the wax block cut into small pieces, into the wax heater, wax can be dissolved with a brush put on the hand.
2, brush the skin after the wax, with fresh bags / plastic wrap, put on cotton gloves.
3, wait 20-30 minutes after stripping wax film, coated with hand cream.

Facial care use:

1. Cleansing, remove dead skin.
2. Apply moisturizing oil or cream put on the skin.
3. Will dissolved wax in the wrist inside to test temperature, the higher, the temperature is better, but each person can withstand the different levels of temperature, standard is not to burn the skin.
4. After 15-20 minutes, when feel the wax temperature disappeared,then stripped the wax, coated with skin cream.

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