Evo-Stik GripFill Multi Purpose Adhesive

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Evo-Stik GripFill is a multi-purpose, high-strength gap filling adhesive. It’s suitable for interior and exterior use (provided the bond is covered) and is specially formulated to stick a wide range of building materials including wood, plasterboard, tiles, stone, metal, breeze blocks, bricks, ceramic, concrete, UPVC and more. Thanks to its gap filling qualities, it can even be used on uneven surfaces.



  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other loose material
  • All paints should be removed from surfaces where the adhesive will make contact
  • Metal surfaces, such as stair nosings, should be degreased with detergent and water or an appropriate degreaser
  • New concrete and plaster should be allowed to dry fully before using Evo-Stik Gripfill.
  • Porous surfaces such as plaster and fibre cement board, should first be primed with Bostik PVA (diluted 1 : 5 with clean water) and allowed to dry thoroughly before EVOSTIK Gripfill is applied. Building panels should be cut to shape beforehand




  • Fix the cartridge into the extruder. Cut the nozzle to the desired width and angle and push a nail through the nozzle to break the seal at the base
  • Best results are achieved by applying beads of Evo-Stik Gripfill onto one surface only
  • Apply a 6mm diameter “zig-zag” bead along the length of the item to be bonded
  • On large panels apply bead around the edge and across the panel at approximately 400mm intervals
  • Then using a twisting action, press the other surface into position to maximize surface contact and grab. Press surfaces together firmly for 30 seconds.
  • Some support may be necessary for up to 24 hours
  • Cold, damp conditions or thick layers of adhesive will greatly extend drying times
  • Stair Nosings, Window Frames etc.: Apply a continuous bead (usually 6mm in diameter) to the surface being bonded. Position on the substrate, if possible by sliding into place, and apply pressure overall. If the object is to be applied to a vertical surface, temporary mechanical support (e.g.: panel pins, masonry nails, etc.) may be required
  • Allow to dry overnight prior to any further operation e.g. fixing boards to battens etc.
  • Excessive thickness of adhesive may extend drying time
  • Evo-Stik Gripfill sets by the evaporation of the solvent it contains, so drying time is dependent on temperature and the nature of the materials being bonded
  • Wall Panels: For most work, EVO-STIK Gripfill should be applied as a 6mm diameter bead to the rear of the panel. Extrude a continuous bead around the panel approximately 25mm from the edge. Additional beads should then be applied across the panel at 600mm centres (450mm for heavy panels)
  • Immediately present the panel to the wall slightly above its required position and applying pressure slide it into place in order to break any surface skin. Press firmly to ensure maximum overall contact, using a soft mallet if necessary. Continue as above with further panels making sure they are flush with each other. Any adjustment must be made within 5 minutes of placing
  • Impervious Materials: Where two impervious materials are to be bonded, apply Evo-Stik Gripfill as above, press firmly together and break the bond pulling away immediately ensuring good transfer has occurred. Wait for a maximum of 5 minutes and re-bond the two materials, or heavy panels
  • Battens: Apply Evo-Stik Liquid Nails Solvent Free in 5 - 6mm beads to the back of the battens and, using a twisting action, press them onto the wall. The battens should be fixed vertically at 400mm (or closer) intervals with horizontal battens top and bottom, depending on the weight to be supported


  • Will bond most building materials
  • Superior final bond strength
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use

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