Evo-Stik Impact Solvent Free Adhesive

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Evo-Stik Impact Solvent Free Adhesive is a high strength, multipurpose adhesive that bonds on contact with no need for clamping or support. It has the power to bond most types of materials, and will even fix non-porous surfaces together e.g. metal to metal, making it ideal for a wide range of DIY tasks and household repairs.


  • Substrates to be bonded must be perfectly clean dry and free from dust, paint, grease and loose material
  • Smooth or polished surfaces must first be roughened with fine abrasive
  • Rubber and similar materials must be abraded well and then the bonding area vigorously wiped with a cloth damped with EVO-STIK Adhesive Cleaner (a solvent based cleaner). Without such treatment a poor bond will result.
  • If degreasing is necessary, use Evo-Stik Adhesive Cleaner
  • Application:

  • To prevent splashes, place the tin on a flat surface and lever the lid off gently with a screwdriver
  • Evo-Stik Impact Solvent Free is suitable for application by brush, paint pad, paint roller or sponge
  • The use of a notched or serrated spreader is not recommended as too much adhesive will be applied and this will take very much longer to dry
  • Thoroughly stir the contents of the container before use
  • Application by paint pad or by roller is very quick and applies a smooth thin layer of adhesive which will dry reasonably quickly
  • Both surfaces to be bonded should be coated with an even coat of adhesive and allowed to become touch dry
  • Porous surfaces such as plaster may require a second coat. The milky white opaque adhesive becomes nearly clear when dry
  • The adhesive dries by evaporation of water into the atmosphere and on porous substrates also by absorption of the water into the pores
  • The drying time is very dependent on substrate, coating weight, temperature and humidity. Under normal conditions the film dries in 30 minutes at 20 Deg.C
  • The process can be accelerated by warming e.g. by radiant heat or by passage of a current of warm air over the surface
  • Bonding:

  • It is important to leave the adhesive until it changes colour before bonding
  • Align the surfaces carefully when in place; press together gently, preferably, within 2 hours of drying
  • Apply as much pressure as possible by hand roller, static press or nip roller without causing damage. Sustained pressure is unnecessary

    • High strength adhesive that bonds on contact
    • No need for clamping or support
    • Multi-purpose: The ideal adhesive for emergency repairs
    • Safe, clean and easy to use for a wide range of DIY tasks and household repairs
    • Solids Content: 55% approx.

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