Floren Stand And Pee-Disposable Female Urination

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FLOREN disposable Contactless Urination Device for Women-Portable, Leak-proof, Stand and Pee device for Females. Use in Public Toilets, Travel, Camping, Hiking or Outdoor activities.

A Single Unit Pack Contains -10 Funnels


Floren's disposable, eco friendly Stand and Pee is here to make contactless urination more comfortable for you. So why squat any longer when we have you covered with our top toilet range product . Floren has got you covered with its portable urination device. Floren Stand & Pee female urination device now allows you to Stand and Pee in any public toilet without having to worry about dirty toilet seats and UTIs. You don't need to squat, crouch, or wipe anymore. Now you can easily urinate without taking off any clothes.

What is the use of stand and pee?
Designed for use in dirty toilets while traveling (flights, trains, highways) for work or leisure (treks, camping, hiking, marathons, road trips, events) or those with medical conditions (Arthritis, Pregnancy, etc.). New  Fresh Clean funnel ready for use each time.


  • Decreases the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Allows to stand and pee while traveling
  • Cost effective since it is reusable
  • No more squatting, crouching or wiping
  • New  Fresh Clean funnel

How to use it?
The device is so easy to use, simply hold the pee funnel against your body to form a seal, take aim and go! However, it can take a little time to get used to going while standing up.

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