Globalstar Massage Stone Set 36pcs MS-036

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Basalt that is suitable for hot stone massage is normally grey. Although natural black basalt does exist, it is extremely rare for it to be suitable for hot stone massage as it is generally much too grainy. Because people see black basalt massage stones (which is how they look, and remain, after they have been oiled for the first time) an expectation has developed that this is how they should be when you buy them.

1. 8 Large flat ovular basalt (4 for backside, 4 for thigh)
2. 14 Medium flat ovular basalt (4 for arm, 2 for palm-rest, 4 for calf, 2 for feet, 2 for neck)
3. 6 Small flat ovular basalt (2 for forehead, 2 for head crown, 2 for hind brain)
4. 8 Toes (8 for feet)
5. stylish bamboo storage case

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