Floren Menstrual Cup Wash

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As menstrual cups are reusable, you should know how to clean and store them. Floren Natural Menstrual Cup Wash is formulated with mild surfactants to gently clean your cup while protecting the cup and your skin from residue or irritation. Made with premium ingredients, this menstrual cup wash kills bacteria and sanitizes your menstrual cup. It also prevents the silicone from wearing down. It is recommended to not use regular cleaning products on your cup since they can cause severe irritation on your skin. Keep your menstrual cup clean and sterilized by using Floren gentle, unscented, oil-free menstrual cup wash.


  • Menstrual cup wash for maintaining cup hygiene during periods
  • Enriched with neem extract, tea tree oil and aloe vera extract
  • Made with active natural ingredients
  • Keeps the cup free of germs and bacteria
  • Keeps the cup odour free and fragrant
  • Oil-free formula
  • Safe for both - your skin and your cup's silicone

About the Brand

Your body deserves the best hygiene! Floren brings you a wide range of natural and safe female hygiene products that cater to create awareness among free-spirited women of every age group for intimate hygiene care and comfort.

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