Mr.McKenic Premium Car Shampoo With Wax & Fragrance 1L

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Mr McKenic® – Car Shampoo is a premium car care product that cleans off dirt, dust & most stubborn stains. It is safe on most paint and helps to maintain its shine.
Cleans Off Dirt, Dust & Most Stubborn Stains. Maintains Shine on Paint Work. Rinses Off Easily. Safe on Most Surfaces. Biogradables. Pleasant Fragrance.

1.Mr McKenic®– Car Shampoo can be diluted using 2-4 caps
[30ml-60ml] of this product into a pail of water [18L].
2. Wet the car to loosen and soften the dirt.
3. Use a large sponge into the shampoo mixture and apply
onto the car, starting from the top.
4. Wipe every section of the car with the sponge in circular
5. After the car is completely covered by soap, rinse off with
clean water and wipe dry with clean absorbent cloth.
6. For stubborn stains, agitate with a soft pad if necessary.
7. Repeat application if necessary.
Car Washing using Automatic Car Wash:

  • Dilute Mr McKenic®– Car Shampoo with water.
  •  For heavy soils, dilute with 10 parts of water (10%)
  •  For normal soils, dilute with 50 parts of water (2%)
  • For light soils, dilute with 80 parts of water (1.25%)

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