Nature Spell Pore Perfection Face Mask Pink Clay & Rose 100ml

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Featuring pink clay, calamine, kaolin, geranium oil, rose extract and rosehip oil, this cleansing, skin-soothing facial treat offers a welcome moment of calm from the comfort of your home. It will leave your skin clean, glowing and soft.

Pink Clay Face Mask Benefit:

Pink clay is a clay of mild action, it clarifies skin, tightens pores whilst also moisturizing your skin. So if your skin is dehydrated, this mask may help to plump it up and return the natural glow to it.

Clay is generally known for its detoxifying properties and this pink clay face mask is not an exception. It clarifies skin, reduces shine, minimizes the appearance of pores and spot and leaves your skin feeling cleansed, soft and plump.

The mask has light and airy, mousse like texture that allows it to be applied smoothly and easily. Light scent of roses will turn your skincare routine in a pleasant SPA-like experience.

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