Pure Organics Spa Starter Kit Cucumber Splash

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Indulge in pure relaxation with the complete spa kit from Pure Organics.

Diamond Crystals - a pre-soaked step designed to turn water into soft beads that gently massage feet and legs while moisturizing skin. Retains heat longer than ordinary water baths. Purifying elements of the Arnica flower benefit skin and muscles.

Ocean Salts - naturally relieve stress and relax in a warm silky bath of ocean salts made from all natural ingredients to cleanse skin and prepare hands and feet for spa treatment.

Sugar Scrub - organic sugars and oils boost vibrancy of skin helping tone, renew texture and diminish lines and wrinkles leaving skin exfoliated and feeling smooth.

Purifying Mask - immerse hands and feet in an organic mask for your skin to detoxify impurities and rejuvenate skin.

Massage Lotion - continuous organic lotion hydrates and moisturizes with pure oils and natural ingredients leaving skin silky and smooth throughout the day.

Cuticle Oil - rich and smooth. Made with the only purest oils. Rejuvenate cuticles with pure vitamins and minerals for bright and refreshed cuticles.

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