Floren Reusable Period Panty with Super Absorption

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  • Go Padfree- Floren Reusable Period Panty will give you the liberty to go through your periods without any hassle. You can enjoy a seamless experience without wearing any pads or menstrual cups.
  • Quick & High Absorption- Floren Reusable Cotton Period Panty will absorb the period blood quickly leaving no contact with the skin at all. You will always feel dry and fresh as there will not be any damp feeling. It has absorption equivalent to four pads, so there is no chance of leakage.
  • Wide coverage- With Floren Reusable Period Panty leaves no chance of stain because the wide coverage will provide you with sufficient coverage. So, you can dance or relax in any way possible.
  • Seamless Periods- Floren Reusable Period Panty will last you 60 washes. So, use an SLS and Paraben-free wash to maintain the quality of the period panty. Just rinse it with the wash and water and leave it to air dry.
  • Odour Free- Floren Reusable Period Panty absorbs period blood quickly. Therefore, there will not be any weird odor of period blood making you feel fresh all along

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